TimTheTatman reacts to end of Dr Disrespect’s legal battle with Twitch: ‘Nothing would make me happier if me, NICKMERCS, and Doc can all play again together’

A reunion may be on the horizon.

Screengrab via YouTube.com/TimTheTatman

Popular YouTube streamer and longtime duo of Dr Disrespect TimTheTatman reacted to the sudden conclusion of his friend’s legal battle with Twitch, hoping that he, NICKMERCS, and the Doc could all one day play together again.

Shortly after Dr Disrespect revealed yesterday that he resolved his legal conflict with his former livestreaming platform, TimTheTatman caught up on the news. While live, the Complexity-affiliated streamer was apprehensive regarding the seemingly uneasy resolution but hoped that it bodes well for future collaborative streams.

“I mean, dude, I think it’s good news, right? It’s really vague,” TimTheTatman said with uncertainty. “I don’t know, bro. I’ll tell you what, man, nothing would make me happier if me, NICKMERCS, and Doc can call play again together.”

The trio previously streamed countless hours together. But after Dr Disrespect’s ban from Twitch, he could no longer appear on stream alongside current Twitch streamers without resulting their ban. Though TimTheTatman eventually joined Doc on YouTube, NICKMERCS re-signed with Twitch, making any collaborative streams between the three impossible.

NICKMERCS echoed cautiously optimistic sentiments shortly after the Two-Time released his news, asking if he was available to play Apex Legends ranked. While Dr Disrespect made it clear that he had no intention of moving back to Twitch, it’s unclear whether he’s able to appear alongside Twitch streamers once again.

Currently in the throes of his Elden Ring playthrough, Dr Disrespect has not made a statement regarding the potential to collaborate with Twitch streamers, which he has not been able to do since 2020. While the entire reason behind Doc’s conflict with Twitch has remained vague, this sudden end to his legal battle may finally shed some light on the situation.