TimTheTatman partners with Charmin for non-endemic sponsored stream

He's the deuce destroyer.

Screengrab via TimTheTatman

Just about everyone has to use toilet paper on a daily basis. But TimTheTatman is working to convince viewers that Charmin is the ideal product. 

Following a two-hour sponsored stream yesterday, Tim announced this morning that he’d be doing another sponsored stream segment later this week. In the meantime, though, there’s even more Charmin-branded content that will be on his stream.

Adding a Charmin-branded extension to his channel called the “Deuce Destroyer,” Tim encouraged fans today to play a game through the Twitch extension that has players rack up points by shooting down “pile of poo” emojis that float around the screen. 

It’s not that simple, though. To gain access to the game, viewers have to collect ammunition during a “preparation phase.” 

The ammo, which comes in the form of toilet paper, can only be collected by clicking toilet paper icons that appear in random positions on Tim’s stream. After you collect enough toilet paper, you get to use it during a “hunting phase” that gives you points for taking out piles of poo. 

While the entire concept might sound silly, viewers are incentivized to participate throughout the week with rewards that will come to those who collect the most points by actively watching Tim every day and getting the highest score possible.

To further promote the seemingly ridiculous game, Tim played Deuce Destroyer on his stream earlier today as a way to educate his viewers more on how the game works.

Tim said the top three scorers for the game over the course of the week will be contacted by Twitch and earn free bits, a Twitch currency used for donating to streamers. In classic TimTheTatman fashion, he didn’t do particularly well and played up his failure for the amusement of his audience.  

There isn’t a set time for Tim’s next two-hour sponsored stream with Charmin, but he said it’ll either be on Friday, July 17 or early next week.

Tim has been on a tear with non-endemic and unique sponsorship activations on stream this summer. Last month, Tim did a two-hour sponsored stream promoting Pete Davidson’s new movie, The King of Staten Island. A couple of weeks ago, he partnered with Gillette for a sponsored stream as well to promote a new line of “King C. Gillette” products.

Most top content creators regularly have sponsorship opportunities with endemic brands, like gaming hardware, peripheral, and chair brands. But Tim has shown that he can endorse just about anything and it’s quickly opened up a lot of doors for him as he expands his portfolio of sponsors.