TimTheTatman adds HyperX as peripheral sponsor

He previously had deals with Audio-Technica and Razer.

Screengrab via [Twitch.tv/timthetatman]

TimTheTatman’s computer setup received an overhaul today. The Twitch streamer has joined HyperX as an ambassador.

In dramatic fashion, Tim opened his stream asking his viewers if they “noticed anything different” when he turned on his camera. And instead of his usual Audio-Technica headphones, he was wearing the HyperX Cloud Alpha.

Tim went on to tell his audience that he’s been working with HyperX for a while to make a sponsorship deal with the brand. And while the exact length of his deal hasn’t been disclosed, based on his words, it will last at least into next year.

“There’s some cool stuff that we’re working on that will hopefully be something next year,” Tim said to start his stream.

Prior to announcing this deal, Tim had deals with Audio-Technica and Razer.

Tim’s previous setup included an Audio-Technica headset and microphone. Over the years, he’s also used a number of different Razer keyboards and mice.

This new deal with HyperX will have him using a new headset, mouse, and keyboard. Tim is using the Cloud Alpha headset, Alloy Elite 2 keyboard, and Pulsefire Haste mouse, according to his new bot commands on Twitch.

Tim joins a celebrity-laden list of ambassadors at HyperX that includes world-class athletes from traditional sports like Pittsburgh Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, English soccer player Dele Alli, and Charlotte Hornets forward Gordon Hayward.

The move to HyperX for Tim removes two of his previous sponsors from the fray, but his catalog of sponsors is still one of the most impressive on the platform. His Twitch page boasts images for endemic brands like monitor manufacturer UltraGear monitors and chair maker Herman Miller. Additionally, he’s worked with a slew of non-endemic brands and is partnered with candy brand Sour Patch Kids and quick service restaurant Chipotle.