Summit1g’s GTA roleplay character arrested after crashing into cops

Virtual cops don't mess around.

Screengrab via Summit1G

Summit1g recently made his return to Grand Theft Auto Roleplay, which has provided several entertaining streams for his fans. But Summit accidentally ran into other players acting as cops during his stream last night, which led to a hilarious arrest.

During a timed race, Summit took a left turn at high speeds and collided with a truck in the opposite lane. Summit stopped to assess the damage of both vehicles and realized the truck he hit belonged to players roleplaying as police officers. The cops stepped out of the vehicle and approached Summit to confront him about the accident.

Summit began trying to talk his way out of being arrested but the cops weren’t interested in his excuses. The officers proceeded to arrest Summit and search him for any contraband or weapons and eventually took him to jail. The entire ordeal was entertaining and a breath of fresh air for viewers.

In a recent stream, Summit admitted he missed playing other games, including Grand Theft Auto. He has almost exclusively played Escape from Tarkov this year and has constantly been one of the most-watched Twitch streamers during this time. While fans enjoy the Escape from Tarkov streams, they also welcomed a return to GTA as a change of pace.

Summit’s GTA streams were popular throughout 2019 and seem to be receiving the same number of viewers. Summit also seems to be enjoying his time playing Grand Theft Auto Roleplay, so fans will likely see more streams of the game in the future.