Summit upset about short raids in Escape from Tarkov

He just wants more time.

Screengrab via Summit1G

Summit1g is a man whose rage you don’t want to be on the wrong side of. But yesterday, Escape from Tarkov developers found themselves in that exact position.

Coming up on the end of a raid on the Interchange mall map, Summit fell victim to an extraction point camper after spending more than 30 minutes looting anything he could find. In his displeasure with the situation, he took aim at the developers for shortening raids to just 40 minutes.

“They’re sitting at the front of Ultra until six fucking minutes left for the guy who actually did do shit to run out,” Summit said. “Please, can you give me my fucking time back on these maps?”

To account for the game’s demand, Battlestate shortened its raids from around 50 minutes to 40 as a way to allow more players to get into them. But Summit thinks that the solution shouldn’t be to shorten games.

He believes that the shorter games incentivize players to ignore looting themselves and simply camp an extraction point to wait for people who have already loaded up on loot. So he has a different answer to Battlestate’s dilemma.

“Get more servers,” Summit said. “Stop lowering the time. Put them back to 50 minutes or 55, and get some goddamn servers, this is so dumb. It’s fucking Interchange, it’s a huge ass mall, there’s so much to trek. 40 minutes is not enough time.”

While Summit is just a streamer, his opinion certainly holds some weight. With 340 hours of airtime on the game this year, he’s been the most-watched personality on Twitch for the past three weeks in a row and was the most-watched influencer on the platform in January, according to Stream Hatchet data.