Shroud fails first Molten Core attempt in WoW Classic against Ragnaros

It was a good try.

Shroud on BR esports
Screengrab via Shroud

All of the world-first runs on World of Warcraft Classic are over. Soon after Jokerd became the first player in the world to hit level 60, a small clan called APES claimed the first Ragnaros and Onixya kills in the game. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from doing their own raid attempts, including big streamers like Michael “shroud” Grzesiek.

Shroud’s first Molten Core run to defeat Ragnaros was unsuccessful, however. He did the raid last night during a livestream with 39 other players, and after spending hours inside Molten Core, they all died to Ragnaros near the end of the fight.

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The raid party didn’t talk too much about what went wrong. Some thought they were lacking damage due to some DPS character being lower than level 60, while others thought the issue was spellcasters having their mana drained too quickly. Regardless of who’s right, they were all defeated and will have to start the raid from scratch in their next attempt.

Despite the failure, they all thought it was a good try and are considering returning to Molten Core soon for a second attempt. Shroud will likely join them again when that happens and fans will have hours of WoW Classic to watch.

Ragnaros and the entire Molten Core make up the most difficult raid in WoW Classic and many other experienced groups fail in such attempts. The fact that shroud and his group didn’t beat it might be disappointing, but it’s not unprecedented. Some players will likely level up a bit more and get better gear before their next Molten Core attempt, which should make the next raid go smoother than this first attempt.