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Pokimane shares horror story about industry higher-up faking romance with her to manipulate women

"It is truly some of the most disgusting and deplorable behavior."

Pokimane opened up her Twitch stream today with a more somber tone than normal, telling her fans that she had some things to come forward about after some women in her community expressed concerns.

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Sending information to her manager, these women detailed that a person in the streaming industry had been emotionally manipulating them, as well as suggesting to them that he has been romantically involved with Pokimane. The streaming veteran admitted she did not yet see all of the evidence given to her streaming manager and that some things were even withheld from her for the sake of her mental health.

“I don’t want people to track it back to these girls, as they would prefer to remain anonymous,” she said. “I don’t want this to become a bigger issue than it was or give this person attention, which unfortunately saying his name or talking about it or witch hunting would do.”

Pokimane did not disclose the person’s name, but she did mention the person is “well-networked” in the streaming industry and has used his privileged position to take advantage of women by playing to their emotions, namely sympathy. She added the person is someone she and many other creators have been working with for years.

Pokimane mentioned that not only did the person fabricate he was in a relationship with her, but he told women he was suicidal in order to garner support. The individual seemed to use mental health as a way to guilt-trip women into doing what he wanted them to do.

“In the industry, I’ve done everything I can to make sure this person isn’t able to repeat this behavior,” she said.

According to Pokimane, this person “targeted and manipulated girls” in her community by “falsifying a romantic and sexual relationship” with her. The women affected sent “countless” screenshots and videos of interactions with the individual.

These included the person in question sharing altered screenshots of conversations with Pokimane that suggested he was romantically involved with her. It also included nude images of women he alleged was Pokimane. He would then use those images in an attempt to manipulate the women into sending him illicit images of them.

Based on the information Pokimane was given by these women and her manager, this individual, who has occasionally worked with Pokimane, has been partaking in these nefarious behaviors for the past two years she has known him.

“It is truly some of the most disgusting and deplorable behavior that I’ve ever fucking heard of,” she then added. “And you guys know I’ve seen some shit.”

While Pokimane said no legal action could be taken against him, she added that by bringing this person’s actions to the attention of his employer, the person was let go by the company they worked for following an investigation into his behavior.

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