OTV and Friends Rust server set to return on July 5

With some new rules.

Screengrab via Facepunch Studios

One of the most popular streamer servers on Twitch will be making a return next week.

Server boss and OTV member Abe shared today that the Offline TV and Friends Rust server will boot back up on July 5, this time with a set of strict rules for participating streamers.

Abe said the new server will be PvP/Vanilla Rust orientated. This means that alongside RP and general socialization, players can attack one another at any time. These rules are in place to try and rid the server of some of the issues that plagued its first version.

Some changes include strict rules in regard to stream sniping or meta gaming and those who breach the rules could find themselves removed from the server entirely. Other rules are in place to deter players from creating large alliances between groups, with a new team limit size of eight members.

In its first form, the OTV and Friends Rust server saw plenty of issues involving players raiding each other while offline along with random killings, and the solution this time around seems to be letting players have the freedom to do so as they please. This aggressive playstyle will be sure to benefit fan-favorite players like xQc and Shroud, but it could deter other streamers from taking part in the server completely.

Right now, it isn’t clear who will be taking part in the server outside of xQc, who previously shared his interest. The server will go live at 11 pm CT on July 5 and Rust is sure to climb back to number one on Twitch shortly after.