OfflineTV member Michael Reeves creates power drill that’s controlled by his Twitch Chat

Be careful with power tools.

Screengrab via OfflineTV

Michael Reeves made his Twitch stream more interactive in an interesting way last night. Fans of the OfflineTV member can now control a power drill when they complete certain actions in the Twitch chat.

Reeves is known for his “comedy-tech” videos where he creates intricate devices with humorous uses. He recently created a surgery robot, a scream-powered microwave, and a gas-powered fishing pole. His videos include the behind-the-scenes process, which ranges from the physical creation to the software development. 

Reeves’ latest invention is a power drill that activates based on the activity of his Twitch chat. 

Over the past few days, Reeves has livestreamed the process of creating the drill, which has resulted in a few funny clips. His fans enjoy watching the process in real-time, especially when it’s an intricate device that’s used for a mundane task. 

During a stream last night, Reeves showed how the power drill now works wirelessly on the other side of his bedroom and activates from his chat activity. There are several ideas for what will activate the drill going forward, such as donations or new subscribers and followers. The drill can also stay on for a longer period based on the subscription length or the size of the donation. 

Reeves is one of the newest members of OfflineTV. He officially joined the group in December, although fans already suspected he was joining before the announcement. It’s unclear if the full process will be documented in a future YouTube video, but fans can see highlights of the process on his Twitch channel.