NICKMERCS responds to Twitch viewer commenting on him running a lot of ads

He absolutely wasn't having it.

Photo via FaZe Clan

Popular FPS streamer NICKMERCS recently clapped back at a fan complaining about the number of ads on his Twitch stream.

During an Apex Legends stream, a viewer told NICKMERCS that his “ads go crazy,” implying that there are too many ads on the stream that interrupt the gameplay. NICKMERCS immediately responded to the chat. “They love to see you on the come-up, know what I mean? But after you get there, they love to see you come down, man,” he said.

NICKMERCS continued discussing the comment while playing, scoffing at the viewer who made the comment. He told his chat that smaller streamers tend to fill their streams with ads and that their viewers don’t criticize them for it, but when he runs a single ad, his viewers vilify him for it.

This isn’t the first time NICKMERCS has criticized his fans. Earlier this year, he spoke out against viewers who complained about his move from Call of Duty: Warzone to Apex Legends.

Twitch affiliates and partners generally set ads to run as people are tuning into their streams. Some also run ad breaks in the middle of their stream, where their broadcast is interrupted by a handful of ads.

Advertisements are only one of the ways that streamers can generate revenue. Streamers frequently work with sponsors and encourage viewers to subscribe, cheer, and donate, all of which bring in cash. Partnered streamers can negotiate contracts with Twitch that increase the revenue they bring in from these measures.