NICKMERCS promotes Hyper Scape battle pass with sponsored stream

It was the first time he'd ever played.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s new battle royale game Hyper Scape started its first battle pass season yesterday and the company has enlisted a few streamers, namely NICKMERCS, to help promote it.

Despite the game initially being released on July 12, NICKMERCS had not yet played the game, making his audience potentially untapped based on consumers for the game.

Playing the game as an announced #ad for nearly three hours, Nick averaged 36,655 viewers, peaking at more than 57,000 for the session and racking up 73,310 hours watched, according to Twitch stat tracker SullyGnome.

Those viewership figures were notably lower than his average for the past week of 62,461. But Ubisoft’s attempts at reaching out to an audience that may not have experienced Hyper Scape could prove to make the investment worthwhile for the developer, even if Mercs didn’t have the same type of viewership some might expect.

Additionally, other streamers, like SypherPK, also did a sponsored stream for Hyper Scape around the same time yesterday evening. SypherPK’s average viewership for the play session was also below his average for the past week (3,619), sitting at 2,673 viewers.

Hyper Scape initially drew attention on Twitch when testing for the game was played by top content creators like Tfue and xQC. That was shortly followed by a Twitch Rivals event featuring a plethora of other popular streamers.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft took a similar approach to Riot Games in promoting its test by giving access to Twitch viewers who watched streamers playing the game. Beginning yesterday, with the start of the game’s new battle pass season, Hyper Scape has also teamed with Twitch and Prime Gaming to give the battle pass experience to people for watching Hyper Scape streamers.