Mizkif: Women have a ‘glass ceiling’ on Twitch

Mizkif shares his thoughts on women breaking into the streaming world.

Screengrab via Mizkif on Youtube

Mizkif shared his thoughts on the differences between women and men trying to break into the streaming world on his broadcast yesterday, saying women generally have an easier time getting started but struggle to reach around 1,000 followers.

Mizkif broke down his opinion regarding the different experiences between men and women on the platform while watching a video by content creator Pokimane with five tips for smaller streamers.

“I’m going to say something that’s honestly true,” Mizkif said, “and I may get a legit hate thread on this one. Women have a much easier time getting that initial 100 to 200 viewers.” He also said when they are first starting off, “women have it so much easier than men, and it’s just the truth.”

Though Mizkif believes female streamers have an easier time getting views at first, he also noted “women have a glass ceiling” that’s “almost impossible to get through.” Men, on the other hand, “have an infinite ceiling, they are not hard-capped,” he said. “Women are hard-capped usually and it is a ceiling at around 600 to 1,000 viewers.”

While Mizkif thinks women do gain an audience faster in the beginning, down the line they usually get stuck with a smaller audience and rarely can grow beyond that. The “glass ceiling” is delicate and difficult to navigate, and he believes women usually struggle to push beyond an audience in the hundreds and to break the 1,000 viewers milestone.

He ended his discussion by adding that female streamers have a harder time in general because they have to deal with “way more shit,” including stalkers, verbal abuse, harassment, and other types of harmful behavior online.