Minecraft Mondays could return in less than 3 weeks

Minecraft Mondays are coming back.

Image via UMG

The uber-popular Minecraft Monday tournament series could be making its return soon, according to tournament hosts KeemPark. 

KeemPark and KEEMSTAR shared an image of the new and improved Minecraft Monday server earlier today, which is undergoing construction until release. Although it’s unclear if the server is being run independently, Minecraft Monday is expected to return in “less than three weeks,” according to KeemPark. 

This remake was made possible by one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers, Bajan Canadian, alongside his developer Lake. This time, many fans hope the game mode won’t be ruined by hackers. 

In October, the Minecraft Monday server was hacked. It was caught live by the participants. Popular Twitch streamer and former Overwatch League star xQc lost a round after the entire map was destroyed and all players were sent into the void. 

Later that month, KEEMSTAR said both Friday Fortnite and Minecraft Mondays would be temporarily suspended for the foreseeable future. Although Minecraft Monday is making its return, KEEMSTAR has seen success in another title, Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s battle royale Warzone

Fans can sit back and wait for Minecraft Mondays to return soon while enjoying Warzone Wednesdays each week.