IRL Twitch streamer pays toddler $100 to stop crying

"At least gift some subs or something."

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IRL streams in public places can oftentimes raise a number of barriers for content creators—both literal and figurative.

Yesterday, travel streamer Arab encountered one of those obscure hurdles that one would only ever encounter in the wild when a child was crying near him in a park and wouldn’t seem to stop.

Trying to enjoy the serenity of the public park on a bench, Arab and his friend were hanging out with a Twitch stream live when a crying child rounded a corner, walking directly in front of him.

Approaching the situation comedically and with a smile, Arab told the child “bro, we’re streaming, like come on.”

After the child stopped and looked at him, Arab continued.

“Like at least gift some subs or something, you know what I mean?” he said before reaching into his wallet. “Here, I gotchu. I gotchu, bro. Will you stop crying if I give you a hundred bucks? You gotta stop crying.”

Taking out a fresh C-note, Arab continued to negotiate with the adorable stream terrorizing menace, making him promise to stop crying before handing him the money. Originally telling the child that he needed to pinky promise he’d stop crying, Arab eventually compromised with a high-five.

Arab ended the encounter by telling the child to be a “good boy to your mom” as he handed him the money, laughing hysterically as the boy calmed down and walked away with the money.

While the exchange appears as though it could have been a scripted stunt, it certainly doesn’t take away from the humor of the situation that had viewers laughing with statements like “I want subs BabyRage” and “I’m crying give me a 100 bucks.”