Indie VTuber who successfully dropped Twitch for YouTube has one word of advice: ‘Don’t’

Better consider your options first before jumping ship.

Screengrab via IVAI on YouTube

Some Twitch streamers are considering jumping ship to YouTube following recent controversies on the platform, but indie VTuber IVAI has advised against making the rash decision.

IVAI has more than 12,000 YouTube subscribers after making the switch about three months ago, while she had fewer than 1,000 followers on Twitch before the move. She thinks small streamers should stay on Twitch despite more popular streamers leaving the platform and an unpopular revenue split update. In a video posted on Twitter, IVAI laid down three questions small streamers should ask themselves before making any decision:

  • Are you prepared to grow alone?
  • Can you make content that people would watch even if they had no idea who you are?
  • Can you support yourself when you no longer have gift subs?

The first question touches on how easy it is to network on Twitch and the possibilities that come with being raided by a more successful streamer. This feature isn’t available on YouTube, meaning you’re going to be growing alone unless you collaborate with fellow creators.

The next question hits on YouTube’s lack of discoverability. It’ll be hard to be discovered unless you’ve already made a name for yourself. And the final question talks about YouTube’s lack of gift subs.

“The reality is that Twitch has managed to gamify their platform better than any other social network out there.”

She also further emphasized that Twitch has made it easier for viewers to gift subs. This is in contrast to YouTube’s complicated process just to allow gifted subs.

IVAI’s opinion and advice should admittedly not be taken as gospel, though. Small streamers have the luxury of streaming on multiple platforms because unlike partners and affiliates, they are not exclusive to a single streaming site. So before you make any big decision, you should probably try out Twitch and YouTube to see which one fits you the best.