GTA RP NoPixel streamer to host charity stream for content creator with depression

The GTA RP community can be a wonderful place.

GTA IRL streamer
Image via Rockstar Games

The GTA RP community has once again shown why it can be one of the best on Twitch. A NoPixel streamer recently revealed that he’ll be hosting a charity stream to help support a fellow content creator in the community who’s coping with depression.

On Sunday, Oct. 20, GTA RP streamer Kimchi revealed that he had to take a break from RP until “his mind was strong.” He also said that he had “no friends, no money,” and that he was also having suicidal thoughts. Many of his fans responded with kindness and words of encouragement, but Kimchi hasn’t said anything since then.

In response, fellow GTA RP streamer AnthonyZ announced that he’s going to host a 24-hour stream. All donations will go toward helping Kimchi with his current situation.

“No one deserves to go [through] depression alone,” AnthonyZ said. “It’s a battle that is often lost, and I won’t let that shit happen.”

The streamer also called upon the RP community to support someone who’s done so much for the GTA RP scene and the people in it.

AnthonyZ will be streaming all day. He’s raised over $18,000 already and will be broadcasting for quite a bit longer.