Golden Guardians’ Big Dumb Guild raises $11,340 for RAINN charity

"Our hearts are full and our goal was smashed."

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Big Dumb Guild has only been a part of the Golden Guardians’ organization for a few weeks, but the World of Warcraft raiding guild is already making an impact. 

The guild raised $11,340 for nonprofit anti-sexual assault organization RAINN yesterday during a three-hour stream, surpassing the group’s original goal of raising $10,000.

As a part of the broadcast, the guild teamed up with WoW endemic groups like new publication, boosting server Gallywix, and third-party dungeon ranking website to give away free Ny’alotha heroic level raid clears, AOTC kills, and timed mythic 15+ keystones, among other things.

By the end of the stream, BDG counted that they helped 141 characters get their “Ahead of the Curve” achievement for heroic Ny’alotha. Additionally, they did 28 full heroic clears and performed nine timed 15+ keystones. 

More importantly, the attention they got from doing all these carries raised money to support the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, which has a 24-hour toll-free phone service that assists sexual assault victims with finding the help they need.

BDG’s charity initiative follows a plethora of sexual misconduct allegations that have come to light in the esports community at large. Specifically, in the WoW community, numerous allegations directed at MethodJosh, multiple by teenage girls, led to his immediate dismissal from WoW’s largest team organization, Method. 

But the backlash from many who believed Method didn’t do enough sooner despite Josh’s history of allegations led to a mass exodus from the organization. Following a vast majority of Method’s players leaving the organization due to a lack of earlier action against Josh, the Golden Guardians added Method’s former North American Mythic Dungeon International squad to its roster of WoW teams this past week.