Gamescom 2021’s full schedule

You won't need to ask your way around in the chat.

Image via gamescom

Gamescom 2021 is just around the corner and it’ll be going completely digital this time around. Though the event was looking to be a hybrid with some on-site events alongside online ones, the German Games Industry Association decided to keep it remote.

Officially kicking off on Aug. 25, Gamescom 2021 will be live for a total of three days, wrapping up on Aug. 27. Fans can enjoy the show from the comfort of their home since it’ll be free and there will be many attractions to tune into throughout the event. From Bethesda to Activision, the industry’s leading developers will be looking forward to showcasing what they’ve been cooking alongside all the newest developments that their fans may be looking forward to.

Gamescom isn’t only about AAA games, however. Indie titles will also have their time under the spotlight during The Awesome Indies Showcase. Not many fans will have time to tune in for the whole event, though. If that’s the case, knowing the schedule can help you navigate your day so you can get back just in time for the part you’ve been waiting to see.

Here’s the full schedule for Gamescom 2021.

Tuesday, Aug. 24

EventStart TimeEnd Time
Destiny 2 Showcase11am CTUnknown
Xbox12pm CTUnknown

Wednesday, Aug. 25

EventStart TimeEnd Time
Opening Night Live Pre-Show12:30pm CT1pm CT
Opening Night Live1pm CT3pm CT
IGN ONL Aftershow3pm CT5pm CT

Thursday, Aug. 26

EventStart TimeEnd Time
Politische Eröffnung (a gamescom congress)3am CT3:30am CT
Gamescom congress3:30am CT2pm CT
Cosplay village5am CT10:30am CT
Gamescom Studio (DE)7am CT15:30am CT
Retro10:30am CT15:30am CT
Gamescom Studio (EN)12pm CT1:30pm CT
Awesome Indies1:30pm CT3pm CT
Gamescom Studio (EN)3pm CT6pm CT

Friday, Aug. 27

EventStart TimeEnd Time
Gamescom Congress3:30am CT6am CT
Cosplay5am CT10:30am CT
Debatt(l)e Royal6am CT07:30am CT
Gamescom Studio (DE)7am CT3:30pm CT
Retro10:30am CT3:30pm CT
Gamescom Studio (EN)12pm CT5pm CT
Cosplay Contest2pm CT2:30pm CT