Female streamers reportedly get 22 percent more gifted Twitch subs than male streamers

A study looks into gifted sub distribution.

Image via Twitch

A recent study conducted by Stream Charts found that female streamers get 22 percent more gifted subs than male streamers on average.

Livestream information data tracking website Stream Charts released an in-depth study into the distribution of gifted subs on Twitch by gender. The study analyzed 1,500 male and 1,500 female streamers’ subscriber information and the streamers were from “Twitch’s Top by Hours Watched.”

Initial findings of the study found that male streamers have actually received more gifted subscribers than female streamers on Twitch so far this year. Male streamers reportedly accumulated 6.15 million while female streamers held 3.36 million gifted subs. The methodology found that this initial data was too heavily skewed, however, since male streamers made up approximately 90 percent of the total hours watched among the selected streamers.

To correlate gifted subs and gender more equally, and avoid the variable of a streamer’s individual popularity, the study calculated a weighted average. When compared to this average, it found that female streamers typically obtain gifted subs 22 percent more than male streamers.

Further information released by Stream Charts saw that out of the top 10 channels with the most gifted subs, five included females, four males, and one channel that featured both male and female broadcasters. Despite the findings, Apex Legends streamer iiTzTimmy led in total gifted subs by far, doubling the next closest streamer with 26,565 gifted subscribers. The FPS streamer notably held a nearly month-long subathon that almost doubled his pre-existing subscriber count, potentially reflected in the findings of the study.

Analyzing a wide array of streamers, the study had several interesting findings regarding the disbursement of gifted subs across gender and language.