Female streamer leaves beach, ends stream after ‘creepy’ man hovers around her

This isn't the first time Meowko has been harassed during an IRL stream.

Screengrab via Meowko

Japanese variety streamer Meowko is the recent female content creator to share a horror story about their streaming experience.

Meowko is known for her IRL streams where she will dance in public places or do other physical activities. This recently brought Meowko to a public beach but the previously light-hearted stream was cut short after a man made her too uncomfortable.

Meowko, sporting a fuzzy bucket hat and neon bikini, leaned in to whisper to her viewers that she was ending the stream and would continue at home due to a man hovering around her. He was getting too close to her things, causing Meowko to feel unsafe and scared. She described his behavior as “creepy” to her fans.

On Reddit, a lot of people defended the man’s behavior, noting that she’s in a public place surrounded by families. Others pointed out that many of her viewers were probably “this guy,” although there’s a difference between someone watching safely from home versus getting in her personal space.

The eerie moment had some fans in the streaming community concerned for Meowko’s safety. A few viewers even wondered if female streamers should have “bodyguards” if they plan to do IRL broadcasts. Amouranth has admitted to having a bodyguard, something she recently discussed when a stalker attempted to break into her home.

Unfortunately, this was not the first time that Meowko faced harassment while streaming in a public space. While dancing in a playground in 2021, a group of children approached her to ask if she was filming a pornographic film. After doing her dance, one child asked her if she was doing porn.

“Everyone here thinks you’re doing porn,” the kid said. Meowko responded, “I’m not. I’m livestreaming. And you shouldn’t know that word. I’m having fun dancing.”

Other streamers have faced their share of uncomfortable and even dangerous situations, including CashMeow who was assaulted at a restaurant while he was traveling. QuiteLola was also kissed by a random man on the street without her consent.