Dream dispels rumors of posting faked speedruns on his channel: ‘Every speedrun I’ve posted to my channel was verified’

He claims that false information has been spread regarding his content.

Image via Telltale Games Fair Use

YouTube’s most popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream addressed his audience once again, dispelling rumors related to the validity of speedruns on his channel.

After making headlines over the past 24 hours for admitting to unknowingly cheating during a speedrun on his Twitch channel, Dream explained in a message to his YouTube community that all the speedruns on his channel were verified by professionals.

“Every speedrun that I’ve ever posted on my channel was verified professionally by official speedrun moderators, and none of them were ever or are fake in any way,” Dream said.

The creator also went further explaining that contrary to some claims, the hugely popular Minecraft Manhunt series is not fake in any way, and simply a series that is done for fun.

“The manhunts are just for fun and are not submitted to any leaderboards, but again, they are not fake and I never ‘admitted’ that they are fake in any way whatsoever,” Dream explained. “There’s full uncut versions on my second channel “DreamXD” People are clickbaiting incorrectly as always but that’s just how YouTube works sometimes.”

Since coming clean about the speedrunning incident late last year, many videos have been shared to YouTube regarding the YouTuber with many criticizing his content, Dream himself, or simply providing commentary on the situation.

Dream explained to his audience that if they want “correct” information they should head to his Twitter. He also reaffirmed an earlier statement that the drama currently taking place has nothing to do with his YouTube channel or content at all.