Dream responds to criticism after admitting to cheating during speedrun: ‘I’m a YouTuber, not a professional speedrunner’

"I'll keep making the best content I can and I'll keep growing as a person as I've always tried to do."

Image via Mojang

YouTube’s largest Minecraft content creator Dream claimed that he had accidentally cheated during a speedrun attempt in 2020 yesterday. After heavy backlash online, Dream responded to critics explaining that the incident had nothing to do with his content.

In a series of tweets shared to his second account Dreamwastaken, the content creator explained that he doesn’t consider himself a speedrunner, and that he had participated in the contest simply “for fun.”

Dream said that while he made waves within the speedrunning community for the infamous run, he hadn’t in fact benefited financially in any way since completing it.

“The speedrun that was removed for being invalid from seven months ago was on my Twitch, with donations off,” Dream said. “I’m not even partnered on Twitch, and was never uploaded anywhere on any of my channels. I didn’t make a dime or gain a single view or subscriber off of it.”

The YouTuber then wrote that while the run was regarded as a “crowning achievement,” he pointed out that it was only ever mentioned in a single tweet on his second Twitter account following the stream.

“The speedrunning community is a very strict one and that’s a super good thing,” Dream said. “Just pointing out that it had absolutely nothing to do with my actual content or YouTube and was just a for-fun thing.”

Yesterday, Dream came out with a since-deleted Pastebin explaining the cheating situation from his perspective, claiming he was unaware of modifications to his game active during the time of the speedrun.  Today, he said that “criticism is deserved” even with “unintentional” mistakes, but was glad that he “chose to say something” as it was “the right thing to do.”

For fans of Dream, the creator reaffirmed that he plans to continue creating Minecraft content with his friends in the future.