Destiny permanently banned from streaming on Twitch

He was removed from the streaming platform due to "hateful conduct."

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Variety streamer and political figure Destiny has been banned from Twitch for an indefinite time, he revealed today on Reddit.

The 33-year-old was banned on March 23 and this time, unlike previous bans, it’s for good. Twitch said Destiny failed to abide by its community guidelines, specifically the hateful conduct section. “Promoting, encouraging, or facilitating the discrimination or denigration of a group of people based on their protected characteristics,” it reads. “Due to the severe nature of this violation, or the fact that you’ve incurred multiple violations, your access to Twitch services is indefinitely restricted.”

After he was banned on March 23, Destiny continued his broadcast on YouTube. He was able to do so because he hasn’t been a Twitch partner since October 2020 due to “encouraging violence.”

Destiny is quite a controversial political commentator, having streamed a debate with white nationalist Nick Fuentes on March 20. Fuentes is banned from multiple platforms such as Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube. Twitch has a strict rule that forbids content creators from streaming with people that are banned from the platform.

Even though Destiny’s streaming career on Twitch is seemingly over, it’s likely that he will continue creating content on YouTube.

Destiny had over 115 million views and 649,089 followers on Twitch before he was banned, according to Twitch statistics website SullGnome.