Asmongold shares his thoughts on Dream admitting to cheating during Minecraft speedrun

“If you look at him as a person rather than an entity, it makes sense for him to act the way he did.”

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

After admitting to having unknowingly cheated during a speedrun, popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream has received plenty of criticism online.

Along with the criticism has also come defense, this time from World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold who expressed his sympathy for the creator in response to a Tweet summarizing the incident.

Asmongold explains that throughout his since-deleted apology document, Dream admitted he was at fault multiple times, although the Minecraft YouTuber claims to have been unaware of the mods present on his client.

The Twitch streamer continues explaining that Dream “probably had millions of people” attempting to expose him or attack him during the situation, and he believes “that would fuck with anyone’s head.”

Responding to a since-deleted Tweet, Asmongold doubled down on his defense, claiming that the way Dream acted during the situations makes sense.

“Getting pushed like that by so many people would send almost anyone into defense mode, regardless of reason,” Asmongold said. “If you look at him as a person rather than an entity, it makes sense for him to act the way he did.”

After Dream submitted his run in late 2020, it was removed under suspicious of cheating. A two-month investigation took place, ultimately determining that some kind of cheating had occurred.

In rebuttal to this, Dream recruited a mathematician to do the calculations and dispute the initial judgment–though the professional ultimately abandoned Dream’s cause.

With his recent admittance to cheating, Dream explained that he was unaware of the modifications that were present on his client at the time. Months later from the incident, Dream explained that he “chose to say something” as it was “the right thing to do.”