Asmongold holds that New World can resurge despite Lost Ark’s success

Is it too late for Amazon's first MMO?

Screengrab via Asmongold TV on YouTube

Popular Twitch streamer and veteran MMO player Asmongold weighed in on the future of Amazon’s New World, claiming it still has potential despite the release of a significantly more popular MMO, Lost Ark.

Amazon Games Studio has taken up a special interest in MMO, publishing two in the past year with the launch of New World and the Western release of Lost Ark. Both games saw initial explosions in active players, though Lost Ark has overtaken New World in nearly every metric while Amazon’s first MMO only continues to bleed out active players.

Asmongold has been an active player of both MMO titles in lieu of his usual World of Warcraft streams, spending hundreds of hours on broadcast in both games. Though the OTK co-founder has trended toward Lost Ark, he has not lost hope for New World’s future. He believes that the game can bounce back from its downward spiral.

Lost Ark has been Amazon Games’ first big success,” Asmongold said. “Over time, New World’s experience will get better.” The streamer went on to liken New World to Guild Wars 2, explaining that because the game does not have a subscription barrier, players will infrequently return to the title when new content releases.

Though Asmongold remained optimistic that the game could improve from its current state, he’s skeptical that New World could ever blow up again. “Is it ever going to get huge and have the 800,000 concurrent players it had at launch?” he said. “I don’t know, but probably not. I would not bet on it, however I do think that it will improve over time.”

While New World is certainly suffering from a dwindling player base, it’s far from dead. Contenders will only continue to emerge with World of Warcraft preparing to announce its next expansion and Lost Ark adding content updates.