All Minecraft MC Championship 8 teams

The teams are set for the upcoming competition.

Image via Noxcrew

The eighth edition of the MC Championship is quickly approaching and Noxcrew is ready to announce all of the teams competing in August’s event. 

With many familiar faces returning to the arena to battle it out for Minecraft supremacy, a few of the teams have seen some big shakeups from MC 7. 

Even before all of the teams were shown, fans could already see that the MC 7 champion Green Guardians split up. The Eret is the only remaining player on that roster, while PeteZahHutt is now on Lime Llamas.Β 

Heading into MCC 8, here are all of the teams competing when the games begin on Aug. 15.

Red Rabbits

  • Ph1LzA
  • WilburSoot
  • DangThatsaLongName
  • TommyInnit

Orange Ocelots

  • Shubble
  • Strawburry17
  • RIPmika
  • Joey Graceffa

Yellow Yaks

  • PearlescentMoon
  • cubfan135
  • ReNDoG
  • falsesymmetry 

Lime Llamas

  • PeteZahHutt
  • Katherine Elizabeth
  • InTheLittleWood
  •  Solidarity

Green Guardians

  • Sapnap
  • GeorgeNotFound
  • Krtzyy
  • The Eret

Cyan Creepers

  • Mefs
  • TapLHarV
  • CaptainSparklez
  • captainpuffy

Aqua Axolotls

  • Quig
  • fWhip
  • Smallishbeans
  • HBomb94

Blue Bats

  • rodtricked
  • seapeekay
  • MiniMukaYT
  • SB737

Purple Pandas

  • Fundy
  • Krinios
  • Kara Corvus
  • sylvee

Pink Parrots

  • Dream
  • Technoblade
  • King_Burren
  • Michaelmcchill