3D artist creates eerie Among Us design

This creation takes a unique spin on the appearance of the imposter.

Image via Innersloth

Due to the simplicity of its characters, Among Us has inspired many artists and fans of the game to create their own interpretations of the crewmates. And 3D modeler Raf Grassetti has designed an extremely impressive take on an imposter securing a kill on an unsuspecting crewmate.

In a recent Instagram post, Grassetti shared his creation with the caption “Imposter #AmongUs.” This extremely detailed work shares an eerie take on what the imposter looks like when they pierce through the crewmate’s face shield with their tongue. The alien creature appears to only have one eye while boasting many tentacles lined with what looks to be teeth.

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Impostor #AmongUs

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Grassetti is a well-known designer with an impressive résumé, including his work on the most recent God of War PS4 game. Outside of gaming, Grassetti has also worked as a character artist within many different industries for companies such as Hasbro and Marvel.

Among Us remains at the peak of its popularity today after skyrocketing to success years following its 2018 release. Since the game saw its resurgence thanks to streamers over the last few weeks, it’s broken many of its records including download count, most players, and most viewers on Twitch. The game even most recently overtook Fall Guys as the most streamed game of 2020 regardless of being released years prior.

This success has seen the studio halt plans for a sequel to the game. Instead, the devs are turning their attention to adjusting and making additions to the original game for their current players.