Win $5,000 with Western Digital and XY Gaming

So, you think you’re pretty good at League of Legends?

XY Gaming WD Black League of Legends Tournament

Article proudly sponsored by XY Gaming

Online tournament platform XY Gaming has teamed up with Western Digital for a $5,000 USD League of Legends tournament. The tournament is free to play and kicked off on Oct. 7. Players will have three months to prove their talent and take home the grand prize. You can join the tournament any time between now and the end, even in the last 24 hours of competition.

The tournament comes in conjunction with the launch of the WD_BLACK range. WD_Black drives are purposefully built to “raise the bar on what gamers can expect from a storage device,” which is the exact attitude you will need to take into the tournament to win the top prize. 

Players can play an endless amount of matches to improve their scores, with their top 10 matches used to calculate their average performance. This average will determine your rank on the leaderboards. It won’t just be about winning or losing, however, your KDA, healing, minions killed and tower damage is all calculated and added to your score. 

To enter, head on over to XY Gaming and set up a free account. From there, enter the Western Digital Tournament and your performances from Ranked League Of Legends games will be automatically tracked and uploaded to the tournament page.