Take your gaming to the next level with the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini

Take your gaming to the next level with the World's fastest keyboard.

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Produced with a 60 percent form factor size, the Apex Pro Mini comes equipped with SteelSeries’ own OmniPoint 2.0 switches that result in eleven-times faster response time and ten times faster actuation compared to standard mechanical keyboards.

OmniPoint 2.0 switches are also two times more durable than standard mechanical switching, meaning you can hammer them all day without worry. Each key is rated for 100 million key presses, something you may never accomplish.

Along with increasing your reaction time and helping you nail tough shots or combos faster, OmniPoint 2.0 switches also offer Dual Action keypresses. This feature allows users to program two actions onto a single key, allowing them to execute combos easier or perform high-skill maneuvers with ease. Think walking and running or pulling out a grenade and throwing it, double jumping or crouching, and going prone: you won’t need multiple button presses anymore.

Optical magnetic switches mean there is no physical connection and, when coupled with superior processing power, means Apex Pro Mini is the fastest in the world. 

The mini moniker comes from the diminutive sizing of the Apex Pro Mini. Utilizing a 60 percent form factor, the new keyboard allows you to free up desk space and dedicate more to your mouse movements. While this smaller size would normally mean sacrificing functionality, SteelSeries’ innovative modifier key allows for full keyboard functionality to remain intact even without more buttons.

The Apex Pro series is also made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy, manufactured to provide you with a lifetime of unbreakable durability and sturdiness. Along with a long lifespan, the aluminum finish makes the Apex Pro stand out as the centerpiece of your high-end setup. Friends will be jealous of how fancy your keyboard looks.

The perfect keyboard for esports tournaments, LAN parties, and those with active lifestyles, the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini should be high on your list when considering a new peripheral. If you’re unsure about going wireless, the Apex Pro Mini Wireless also comes with a detachable braided USB-C cable. When at your desk, plug it in and use it like normal. When on the go, detach it and fear not. With wireless functionality handled by Quantum 2.0 technology, you might even fool yourself into thinking you’re still connected via a cable.

Launched in 2019, SteelSeries’ Apex Pro line of keyboards set out on a mission to provide gamers with more control over their peripherals.

Whether it be for gaming or professional use, with customization to buttons or cables, the Apex Pro line remains the most customizable keyboard on the planet. The original OmniPoint switches introduced fully adjustable action and were one of the most significant leaps in keyboard innovation since the creation of mechanical switches. Now, you aren’t limited to digital input but can have more granular control over your actions.

Combined with SteelSeries Engine, a piece of software for assigning macros to keys, the Apex Pro line gives unprecedented freedom to users.

Do you want RGB on your keyboard? Change each individual key to one of more than 16 million options. Do you need lightning-fast response time for specific games? Adjust the actuation point on your keys to better suit your needs.

Do you need any more convincing? Pro gamer FaZe Karrigan became the first competitor to win a CS:GO Major using a wireless keyboard. Want to guess what he was playing on? That’s right: the Apex Pro Mini Wireless. If it’s good enough for competitive play, it’s more than suited for everyday use.

Both the Apex Pro Mini and Apex Pro Mini Wireless are now available from SteelSeries along with the full Apex Pro range which offers full size, TKL, TKL Wireless, Mini, and Mini Wireless. Head over to SteelSeries’ website https://steelseries.com to buy one today.

You can also find SteelSeries products from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Dell.