Strymer is a new app bringing esports audio broadcasts to life

Hear all of your favourite streams without tearing through your data plan.

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The growth in esports over the past few years has been exponential. With more and more games to watch every week, it’s surprising there aren’t any new and innovative ways to consume our favorite esports.

There are few things worse than an interrupted broadcast. When you’re on the go it can be near impossible to keep up with live scores. It’s extremely frustrating to constantly refresh a webpage or have Twitch close every time you need to put your phone in your pocket is. Brett Doyle, the founder of the Strymer app and his team decided that there simply has to be a better way. So they launched Strymer.

Strymer allows you to listen to radio broadcasts of all of the live action events globally, no matter where you may be. Speaking with Dot Esports, Doyle said the motivation behind building Strymer was born out of his own frustrations. The available options didn’t offer a good enough experience for those simply wanting to listen in to the tournament because users didn’t have the time to sit and watch.

Another issue that Strymer has solved is saving data for consumers. Running a stream all day or while you’re driving uses an incredible amount of data. Making the jump to an audio-only stream significantly decreases the data that’s used, meaning you can listen for longer.

The app is currently in its early stages of development, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start using the platform straight away. I listened to Mineski facing off against Virtus.Pro in the Paris Dota 2 Major while going through my daily routine. Having access to an audio-only stream is certainly a refreshing experience and a brilliant new way to enjoy the games we love.

Head on over to the Strymer website to find out for yourself and sign up. More streams will be added in the near future and signing up while the app is in development means you can give feedback and help the team build the app you need.