State of Survival celebrates its first anniversary with a series of new events

Players have made it a year surviving in the wasteland.


This article is proudly sponsored by KINGS GROUP.

State of Survival is about to celebrate its first anniversary with some new content, a Rescue Kamute Town event, and Discord community nights for all players. 

The zombie-themed survival strategy game rapidly became one of the most popular mobile titles to release in 2019, racking up more than 60 million downloads globally, and has been featured 75 times by the Apple App Store as Game of the Day.

KINGS GROUP is hosting the first-anniversary event from Sept. 16 to 22, with all of the new content rolling out throughout the week. 


“We really appreciate a year of company from our players since the very beginning of State of Survival,” State of Survival’s operations director said. “We have received so many encouragements and suggestions to help the game grow faster and further. In the future, we will continue striving to build a better game to provide more immersive and interactive gaming experiences to our players.”

Here is what players can expect to see and earn during the anniversary event: 

  • Yearbook
    • Players can now review their historic data in the game
  • Rescue Kamute Town event
    • Kamute Town was covered by the Infected and players need to join forces with other chiefs and eliminate the Infected lurking in Kamute to save the world
    • Global influencers will partner up and play with players from around the world
    • The top three global winners for this event will be honored in a Hall of Fame section on the new State of Survival website
  • Discord Community events
    • The developers have confirmed a DJ night and settlement review
  • More State Archivists
    • More people will be recruited on Discord to find interesting and touching stories from the community
  • An official State of Survival website is also being developed
    • More information on just what will be featured on the website will be revealed later.

The goal of the game is to rebuild civilization in a world that has suffered a catastrophe by growing your own settlement, surviving against hordes of zombie creatures, and rescuing other survivors. Players will also need to work together with others online to research the zombie army and disease to stop the oncoming apocalypse. 

And with that group element comes the opportunity to compete against other players after forming an Alliance with your friends or people you meet in-game. There are multiple events and competitions held for Alliances to test their might against each other and earn rewards for surviving the trials. 

When playing PvE, players can freely arrange their troops and units based on the characteristics of their chosen heroes. This adds an extra element of strategy while you attempt to gather energy and activate traps to defend your base against enemies. This includes battles against Bosses that will interact with you differently depending on your strategy, such as retreating when it gets low on health to recover for a second strike. 

Founded in 2016, KINGS GROUP as a studio already has two other bestselling titles in King of Avalon and Guns of Glory, making State of Survival their most recent success that the team will continue to focus on making the most immersive and high-quality experience for players who want to try and survive in the wasteland. And this first-anniversary event is just a small part of the roadmap.

You can play State of Survival on iOS and Android devices, or any computer that can run those operating systems. For more information about the game and any events, you can head over to the State of Survival Facebook page.