Macca’s shines a light on Australia’s ‘best and finest’ Overwatch 2 contenders

Player spotlights from Australia's Overwatch 2 contenders.

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With the 2023 Fall Series raging on in the world of Overwatch 2 competition, now might be the perfect time to take a moment and see what some of the best players in Contenders Australia have to say about the game and their approach to participating in the championship.

McDonald’s Australia, the official sponsor for the league, is helping the players garner more recognition by shining the spotlight on the country’s “best and finest” Overwatch contenders.

Here we have Adam “Adam” Soong, Seth “Don” Kingston, and Riley “cuFFa” Brown all sharing what it was like to enter that arena again and compete against other pro players in the scene.

Soong remarks on his experience playing overseas, saying that he’s been doing it for more than six years now. That, combined with his aim, turns him into a frontrunner. Check out his Player Spotlight interview courtesy of Macca’s.

Don plays for 0RD3R as its main support. “I’m used to the pressure and I never crumble,” he says. “And I’m always here to have a good time.” Kingston then goes on to talk about his biggest inspiration in the Overwatch pro scene and talks about his favorite Macca order.

Lastly, we have Riley Brown, who plays as tank for Team Australia. Riley touches on his absolute commitment to the game. “It’s fair enough if you’re not in Tier One, Overwatch might not be your entire livelihood,” he explains. “But I think I put more hours than any other player in this division.” Given his track record, we’re inclined to believe him.

Overwatch 2 is all the rave in the competitive scene right now, and the dedication Macca’s is showing to the Australian pro community is quite admirable. There’s no reason Contenders Australia can’t soar even higher, and Macca’s is going out of its way to make sure of it.

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