How to get the best prices for video games with GameCamp

Get games without breaking the bank.
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Written in partnership with GameCamp.

With all of the big budget triple A games coming out month after month, it can be difficult to keep up. On top of that, there are plenty of older titles that still sell for their initial release price. Playing all the amazing games out there can easily break the bank. That’s where GameCamp comes in.

GameCamp is a service that tracks and compares game keys for sale across all reputable distributors on the market. You can easily compare all available options for countless games, including both old and brand-new releases. Everything from action RPGs like Elden Ring, shooters like Grand Theft Auto V, platformers like Hollow Knight, and much more are right at your fingertips.

When hunting for the cheapest available games, it’s important to check distributors often—prices change by the day as new keys are sold. GameCamp makes this process very simple by lining up every option side by side, allowing you to weigh price, speed, and reliability between vendors to make the best choice.

GameCamp also allows you to sort between your preferred devices and platforms. Games available on Steam, Origin, EpicGames, and other platforms will have differing keys with different prices. While you may only want to play on your preferred platform, being able to use multiple can help you take advantage of the cheapest prices possible.

There are also occasional giveaways hosted on GameCamp for free game keys. These giveaways are easy to enter from their website and feature some of the newest big game releases, such as their Ghostwire: Tokyo one that recently ended. Keeping up to date on these giveaways can be an easy way to snag a quick game for free.

To start searching for games at all the best prices, check out GameCamp here.