Gates of Ethernity combines AR monster collection with NFTs and crypto

Pokémon Go meets high fantasy.

Image via Ethernity Games

Written in partnership with Ethernity Games.

Gates of Ethernity (GoE) is an augmented reality (AR) monster combat and collection game. Its core gameplay concept was inspired by Pokémon Go, but the similarities stop there. GoE takes on a hyper-realistic fantasy style and atmosphere with the goal being to match “Hollywood’s native level of cinematography and visual production.”

GoE will allow players to go out and collect, level up, and battle with their monsters. These monsters, also known as Ethernals, will actually be integrated as NFT assets. This means that GoE monsters will be hosted in players’ asset wallets and available to trade on the marketplace. Ethernals will function exactly like RPG monsters in-game, each having their own stats and special abilities.

Gates of Ethernity is being developed by Ethernity Games. This game studio is a joint venture between three studios: Red Rift, noOne Studio, and Dynamic Augmented Solutions. Red Rift is notable for its experience working alongside the likes of Blizzard. Its game director was also a former top manager at Wargames, a studio known for the World of War series. NoOne was founded by former employees of Unit Image, a 3D animation and VFX studio that worked on big-name IPs such as Call of Duty, God of War, League of Legends, and Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Together, with the AR expertise of Dynamic Augmented Solutions, Ethernity Games is establishing a game development studio that’s able to create AAA gaming experiences within the crypto and NFT realm. In addition to GoE, Ethernity Games is also working on a digital collectible competitive card game calld Cards of Ethernity (CoE).

CoE will be a blockchain-based game, meaning the digital cards can be traded or sold just like real, tangible cards. Just like in other digital card games, you’ll be able to purchase card packs and cosmetics such as card backs and adventurer’s skins.

The Ethernity Games ecosystem will feature a single currency in the middle of all transactions. The $GOE Token will be used as a payment and reward system throughout all of its titles. Using $GOE, Ethernity Games will also be able to fund staking, airdrops, and even potential esports prize pools for both of its games.

In addition to game development, Ethernity Games also has a CGI mini-series in the works. Its first teaser for Gates of Ethernity reached two million views on Facebook within two weeks. After its huge success and positive feedback, a five-episode CGI mini-series was established as a working project scheduled for production late this summer.

For more information on Gates of Ethernity, you can visit the game’s website.