Everything you need to know about ProGuides

Players can get coached by a variety of pros and personalities in several esports.

Screengrab via ProGuides

This article is proudly sponsored by ProGuides.

Football. Basketball. Tennis. Hockey. Even poker. Every major sport that requires hand-eye coordination and critical thinking all have league-leading players with one thing in common: quality coaching. And video games, a $152 billion dollar industry, is no exception.

Everyone who’s ever spent time with a competitive video game eventually hits a plateau. It’s inevitable. You’re coasting, picking up new tricks and mechanical flourishes, as a game’s DNA slowly merges with your own. But then you find yourself mired in a new bracket, filled with players a smidge more talented than your usual rivalries, and you begin to stagnate. How do you take your ability to the next level? Don’t worry, ProGuides is here to help.

ProGuides works like an ongoing MasterClass for gamers. For a $7.99-per-month subscription, players within the service are offered full access to intensive, on-demand coaching from a variety of pros and personalities in top esports titles like Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2, Super Smash Bros., and Fortnite. You’ll get access to 55 courses across eight games for a total of 3,850 minutes of content, which makes for one of the most comprehensive packages in competitive gaming. 

Your tutors include some of the most successful influencers in gaming history. Headshot god Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev takes the reins in Counter-Strike, Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana will run you through his League expertise, and 15-year-old wunderkind Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen will show you how to build like a pro in Fortnite. ProGuides’ one-on-one coaching will teach you the basics and you’ll also get a crash course in the split-second decisions and game-theory meta calls that define esports in its highest echelons. Critical match analysis, skill sharpening, and constructive feedback are always included in your sessions. 

Along with quality coaching, ProGuides also offers a “Play With the Pros” feature, letting subscribers scrim with some of the names mentioned above. “You find a coach and set up a match,” a ProGudies spokesperson said. “The great thing about this feature is players will be able to chat with coaches to ensure a good fit and they have the time needed to focus on their major objective for the coaching session.”

ProGuides always has about 20 coaches online, which allows players to link up with an experienced tutor in seconds. Feeling particularly confident in your abilities? Then swing for the “Challenges A Pro” function, which will let you scrim one-vs-one with a coach of your choosing. 

All of these benefits raise the ceiling of what’s possible to develop your skills in a highly competitive field like esports. ProGuides is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to temper their skills under the wisdom of talented individuals who’ve scaled some of the grandest heights in esports, and also for those who simply want to play a few matches with someone they love watching on Twitch. Check it out here.