Dot Esports partners with GG.BET to celebrate greatest CS:GO records of all time

A look back at CS:GO's best moments now that CS2 is here.

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This article is written in partnership with GG.BET.

As we embark on a new era of Counter-Strike, it’s time to celebrate the greatest accomplishments of those who came before.

CS:GO marked a massive turning point in the history of CS, changing the game and esport as we know it as a whole. What better way to pay tribute to the legends who got us where we are today than to erect a digital monument to their incredible feats?

To that end, we’ve partnered up with GG.BET to shine a light on those who helped build Counter-Strike’s legacy, from the best individual players to the winningest teams and the most-viewed content creators. Tournaments and talent are also represented on our list of 50 CS:GO world records.

There is no better way to pay respects to the greats of the past than to memorialize their deeds and accomplishments in such an awesome-looking way, giving old fans and newcomers alike an amazing way to relive the greatest moments of CS:GO’s history.

Joining forces with GG.BET for this endeavor was a no-brainer. GG.BET’s long tenure and track record in the esports space made it the perfect candidate to explore and showcase the records of years past, with facts and data all at the ready about the greatest accomplishments of everyone involved with CS:GO.

It isn’t just the players who are worthy of highlights—but don’t you worry, we’ve highlighted them well enough as well—as so many others have added their fair share to the monument of CS:GO records. Team performances, noteworthy tournaments, legendary content creators, and fantastic analysts, casters, and interviewers are all featured in this nifty 50.

A lot has changed in the world in the past decade, but one thing has stayed the same: Incredible Counter-Strike accomplishments touch the hearts and souls of people all around the world and are all worthy of celebration. As we start writing the next chapter with the beginning of the CS2 era, there’s no doubt new legends will emerge with their own feats of heroism.

But we should never forget they all will stand on the shoulders of giants, peering beyond horizons we never could have imagined before. And the glories of those giants of the past (many of which are gunning for records in the new game, too) will always be here for you to peruse on our dedicated CS:GO records website celebrating the game’s incredible history.



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