Where does Splatoon 3 take place? What we know about the Return of the Mammalians setting

This time we'll get to know more about the Octarians.

Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 3 has arrived and is guaranteed to make a jaw-dropping and entertaining mess on Nintendo Switches across the globe. The single-player story delves into the deep lore of the Splatoon franchise, with Return of the Mammalians taking a dive into the vast history of inklings and octolings.

The third installment of Splatoon sees players pair up with Smallfry, a Salmonid companion. Salmonids are usually enemies in the series, but players now get to experience another aspect with this character.

Players are asked to join the New Squidbeak Splatoon in the story.

Users will be knighted with the alias Agent 3, and receive the Hero Suit. Players familiar with the previous titles will recognize this attire as it’s been present in multiple iterations of the franchise. 

Splatoon 3 sees players battling Octarians, who have been a returning antagonist for the series. But this time, their appearance has changed slightly. Players will have to get to the bottom of these changes to the Octarians and their furry bodies.

Fortunately, Smallfry is effective at handling the ooze that’s making everyone fuzzy.

Image via Nintendo

This title’s story takes place in Alterna. Players will have to traverse the region to find out what’s causing the fuzz and reach the center of Alterna to make sense of it all. Along the way, players will meet new characters, such as a robot assistant called O.R.C.A, and the Squid Sisters Marie and Callie.

In essence, Agent 3’s mission is to battle against the Octarians again.

Splatoon 3 was released Sept. 9, on the Switch. The newest installment features changes to multiplayer gameplay and includes a whole new story for players to get invested in.