What time does Splatoon 3’s Splatfest start?

You have to know when to show up before you can get into your groove.

Image via Nintendo

The first official Splatfest is here for Splatoon 3, asking players whether they would bring items centered around Gear, Grub, or Fun with them to a deserted island should they have the option. 

As with Splatfests from previous games, players will select one of the teams available when they log into the game during the Splatfest preview or event proper. Doing so will pledge their allegiance to that team for the duration of the Splatfest, which will impact who they are teamed up with, since players will solely be paired with other players who have picked that team—for the most part. 

The big difference in Splatoon 3 is the introduction of the three team system, compared to the two teams available in previous games, which doesn’t change much initially. However, once the event reaches its halftime, there is a chance to play a Tricolor Turf War where the team in the lead will have to fend of players from both of the other teams at once. 

Even with all of the changes, the event runs just like most of the Splatfests players will be used to, including the regional timezone splits that will result in three different winners. So if you plan to participate, here are the dates and times for Splatoon 3’s next Splatfest. 

Exact dates and times for Splatoon 3’s Splatfest

An illustration of the three Splatfest teams.
Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 3 has four regions open to players, with each essentially hosting independent Splatfest events in terms of results. This is because each region will have its own start and end times for the event, with some having multiple if they contain several subregions. 

Here is that breakdown so players know exactly when certain portions of a Splatfest begin.

The Americas, Australia, New Zealand

  • Americas: Sept. 23 at 6pm CT to Sept. 25 at 7pm CT
  • AUS: Sept. 24 at 10am AEST to Sept. 26 at 10am AEST
  • NZ: Sept. 24 at 12pm NZST to Sept. 26 at 12pm NZST


  • EU: Sept. 24 at 1am BST to Sept. 26 at 1am BST

Hong Kong/South Korea 

  • Uses same times as Australia


  • Japan: Sept. 24 at 9am JST to Sept. 26 at 9am JST