How to unlock and beat the Secret Kettle in Splatoon 3

Arguably the toughest challenge

Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 3 is the highly-anticipated latest installment in the super-popular Splatoon series. It is a third-person shooter video game that pits players against each other, or the AI, using weaponry that fires colored ink. The game is currently out on Nintendo Switch and it offers diverse environments to play in and weapons to play with.

Apart from the fun PvP modes that the game possesses, it also has a very strong story-driven single-player mode. Players can either choose to be an Inkling or an Octoling and head into battle. The story culminates in a fantastic finale with various boss battles along the way. Some of these bosses are pretty straightforward and easy to defeat while others can be quite tricky.

One of the trickier bosses, and arguably the toughest challenge in the game, is the Secret Kettle. As the name implies, it is a secret boss, and unlocking it in the game can be challenging.

How to unlock the Secret Kettle in Splatoon 3

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The Secret Kettle mission is a hidden mission that is not available to players right off the bat. The stage only unlocks once players have completed every other stage in the game, all the way up to the final boss of the main story. Once this is accomplished, the game notifies you that the Secret Kettle stage has been unlocked.

Upon unlocking the Secret Kettle stage, it is now time to tackle it. To do this, first, go back to the beginning of Alterna. Once here, you should see a new entrance open, allowing you to head to the secret stage to take on the Secret Kettle.

How to beat the Secret Kettle in Splatoon 3

Image via Nintendo

Defeating the Secret Kettle will take you through four different stages, each with varying levels of difficulty. Completing all four of them will ensure your victory here.

  • Stage one is an obstacle course. This will require careful traversal of the area till you make it to the end, dodging, jumping, and rolling along the way. There will also be enemies along the way to contend with.
  • Stage two will require you to grind the rails from one section to another to clear the path. You will have to jump from one rail to the other and get rid of the balloons blocking your path.
  • Stage three is quite a platforming challenge, making you navigate between several soaker blocks. You will have to shoot them with ink to make sure they don’t disappear. Along the way, you will have to battle several elite Octolings and elite Inklings.
  • Stage four is the final phase of this challenge where you will be thrown into a final gauntlet of enemies. There will be four waves of enemies to contend with, each more powerful than the last. Once you defeat all of them, the challenge is complete.

Finishing the Secret Kettle will reward you with new titles and an exclusive Teddy Band headpiece. Now give yourself a pat on the back for completing the toughest challenge in the game.