How to make money fast in Splatoon 3

Of all the get rich quick schemes, this is the quickest.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo’s Splatoon 3 has mode after mode of fun and creative games for fans to enjoy. Splatoon provides competitive modes for thrill seekers and relaxed gameplay for casual gamers.

In Splatoon 3, cash gives you the opportunity to buy weapons so players can smash opponents in various ways, but you’ll have to grind. The main form of currency in Splatoon 3 is cash, and players definitely need it.

The grind can be slow, but there are ways to speed things up. 

How do I make money fast in Splatoon 3?

Collect all the cash you can, you’ll need it to buy some gear and goods. The three best ways to get cash quickly are:

Anarchy battle

Anarchy battle is an excellent way to gather up as much cash as possible, be wary, you will play against a fierce cabler of players. This will not only give you cash, but it’ll also build up your ability to play the game at a high level along the way.

Salmon Run

Once players reach level four, this will be an effective and efficient way of building up your bank in Splatoon 3. Players can acquire reward capsules that will provide them with a bunch of cash. The only issues with this method are that players can earn a maximum of 1200 points, then they’ll have to wait for it to reset.

You’ll have two days for your points in Salmon Run to reset.

Turf Battles

Last but not least, turf battles are probably the most consistent way to gather a solid income on Splatoon 3. A good tactic is to use items from the canteen to help you increase your income capacity. The items will help you get more ink points, and the best part about turf war is that your income is tied to your ink points. 

Now get grinding, and buy Dot Esports something nice.