Every new idol in Splatoon 3

Meet your new squid kid superstars.

New idols Frye and Shiver sit in their studio set.
Screengrab via Nintendo

The recent Splatoon 3 Direct shared plenty of new information with fans about the upcoming third entry in Nintendo’s shooter franchise. Players were treated to details about the game’s new weapons, new maps, new features, and of course, new characters.

One of the biggest questions returning fans had was what new squid and octo personalities will keep players up-to-date on the biggest events in Splatsville. Splatoon featured Squid Sisters Callie and Marie, while Splatoon 2‘s Off the Hook was run by Pearl and Marina, all of whom hosted Splatfests and made players laugh in the process. Who will do the same in Splatoon 3? Thankfully, we’ve got the answers here.

Who are Splatoon 3’s idols?

Splatoon 3 will have not one, not two, but three new idols. During the Splatoon 3 Direct, players were greeted by Frye, Shiver, and Big Man, the hosts of the Anarchy Splatcast, the game’s fantasy news network. These three idols will introduce players to game updates and announce the theme of upcoming Splatfests, which will now have three available teams instead of two.

The first Splatfest, which lets players choose between rock, paper, and scissors, will be a world premiere and will take place on Aug. 27 from 11am to 11pm CT. As usual, each idol picks a team to represent, letting players fly their flag as they take on others from around the world.

New idols Frye and Shiver sit in their studio set.
Screengrab via Nintendo

Little else is known about each of the three idols. Big Man is the first non-squid kid or non-octoling idol. Instead, he looks like a large stingray. Shiver appears to be an octoling, while Frye is likely a squid kid. Callie and Marie, who starred in the original Splatoon, will also be reappearing as main characters in Splatoon 3’s story mode, titled Return of the Mammalians. Marie also made an appearance in Splatoon 2’s story mode.

Players will likely learn more about Shiver, Frye, and Big Man during the world premiere Splatfest and then again when the game is officially released on Sept. 9.

Splatoon 3 – Nintendo Switch
  • Ink it up with a new entry in the Splatoon series
  • Discover the Splatlands, a new sun-soaked region with trendsetting inhabitants
  • Experiment with new styles for Inklings and Octolings
  • 4v4 Turf Wars are back, with new stages, new maneuvers, and new weapons
  • Join Agent 3 in a fight against the unruly Octarians in story mode

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