Are Splatoon servers down? How to check Nintendo server status

Someone splashed ink on the servers.

Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 3 is slowly going live around the world, meaning players will gain access to the game as Sept. 9 rolls around for their local time. This periodic release schedule generally helps during highly-anticipated releases since it takes the burden off the servers’ shoulders.

Games can still run into trouble regardless of their release strategy, however, and the servers can go down due to various reasons. With servers not functioning as intended, players won’t be able to log into Splatoon, while the players already in the game can get kicked out.

Here’s how you can check Splatoon’s server status.

Check Nintendo’s network status

Most titles on Nintendo Switch are generally tied to Nintendo’s network status. This means that if Nintendo’s servers go down, so will Splatoon’s.

Nintendo has an official Network Maintenance Information and Operational Status webpage where players can find the latest information regarding Nintendo’s network status.

Downdetector is also another option when it comes to checking Nintendo’s server status. Downdetector relies on user feedback and it can be more responsive since players tend to be faster when it comes to detecting and reporting outages.

Check out community hubs

When Splatoon’s servers go down, players will naturally flood into community hubs, like Reddit, to see whether others are also affected by the outage. If there are other players who are also reporting the same issue that you ran into while trying to log into Splatoon, then you’ll need to wait for the servers to come back online.

When there’s a global outage, developers also update the fans on their official social media channels, making them a must-follow if you want to become one of the first players to hop back into the servers when they’re live.

What to do when you run into connection errors while Splatoon’s servers are up

If you’re still experiencing connection errors while Splatoon’s servers are up, you’ll need to troubleshoot your home network. Resetting your router and trying out a different DNS server or another connection can allow you to log back into Splatoon in no time.