All Tableturf Battle Ranks and Rewards in Splatoon 3

Prepare to grind.

Image via Nintendo

Tableturf is a new TCG added into Splatoon 3 that has a bunch of rewards to unlock for the main game if you can take the tedious grind to unlock it all.

There are 50 ranks in total, with players needing to raise nearly 60,000 EXP from games to unlock them all. Considering you get, at max, 130 EXP a game for beating a level three NPC, you can see why the grind is so tedious and why some might be put off playing the mode at all.

Still, for those willing to sacrifice their time to unlock everything, here is what you can look forward to unlocking if you reach the end goal.

All Rank Rewards in Tableturf Battle

As you start at Level one you don’t unlock anything for just playing the game. Instead, new rewards unlock after rank two. They are as follows:

TwoNew Rival: Cool Jelly
ThreePack of cards
FourNew Rival: Aggro Jelly
FiveNew Stage
SevenNew Rival: Sheldon
EightNew Stage
NinePack of cards
11New Rival: Gnarly Eddy
12Locker sticker
13New Rival: Jel La Fleur
14New Stage
15New Rival: Mr. Coco
16Pack of cards
17New Rival: Harmony
18New Stage
19New Rival: Judd
20Card sleeve
21New Rival: Li’l Judd
22New Stage
23Pack of cards
24New Rival: Murch
26New Rival: Shiver
27New Stage
28Locker Decoration
29New Rival: Frye
30Emote and badge
31New Rival: Big Man
32Locker sticker
33Pack of cards
34New Rival: Staff
35New Stage
36Locker sticker
37Locker decoration
38New Rival: Cuttlefish
39Locker sticker
40Card sleeve and badge
41New Rival: Callie
42Locker sticker
43Locker decoration
44New Rival: Marie
45Locker sticker
47New Rival: Clone Jelly
48New Locker sticker
49New Card sleeve
50Title and badge