A Mudmouth bug is ruining Salmon Run matches in Splatoon 3

Mudmouth glitches causing chaos.

Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 3 players who dived into Salmon Run over the weekend to explore the new content on offer have come across one of the game’s most annoying and destructive bugs that is causing players to quit the game mode until Nintendo fixes it.

So why exactly is this a problem? Well, it’s pretty simple: unless you throw a bomb in its mouth, there is no way for you to get the golden Eggs needed to progress to the next level. This leads to players being unable to progress in their matches, losing precious points, or chances to fight the King Salmonid.

This bug, revolving around the new nighttime enemy Mudmouth, sees the creature despawn as soon as someone throws a bomb into its mouth with a new one spaning in a new location.

With the bug being very common on some maps, some players are resorting to just getting killed or leaving a match if the Mudmouth appears due to the lack of ways to progress. It has also led some players to give up on Salmon Run until Nintendo fixes the issues. But with no word on when the next patch of the game will be, that could take some time.

It’s not the only bug plaguing Salmon Run either, with players reporting a magnitude of problems with the mode including gushers remaining open and issues with enemy spawns. This is a shame since the mode is quite fun when it works and can be quite challenging to play. So here’s hoping Nintendo fixes these issues sooner rather than later.