Zofia loses ‘Withstand’ in latest R6 patch notes

There are some significant balancing changes in this one.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The Y5S4.3 Designer’s Notes for Rainbow Six Siege were released today, revealing balancing changes to multiple strong operators.

Zofia will lose the controversial “Withstand” ability in this patch. “Withstand” is unique to Zofia and allowed her to revive herself from a “DBNO” state. The ability resulted in significant rounds in the EU League finals being decided. Zofia was the only operator in the game with the ability.

Ash’s “Breaching Round” gadget will see some nerfs. The radius of the blast will be decreased to two meters from 3.5 meters. This change specifically targets her ability in vertical play situations.

Buck will gain more “Skeleton Key” ammo and the new Hard Breach Charge in place of a Claymore as a secondary gadget.

Echo is receiving a buff in this patch. His Yokai Drones will stick to ceilings faster, unattach themselves from uneven surfaces faster, and, most importantly, his stun charge will be reduced from 20 seconds to 16 seconds. This change is aimed at making Echo more viable at all ranks.

Lesion will have the 1.5x sight removed from his T-5 SMG, while Mira will lose her 1.5x sight as well. Melusi will lose the angled grip from her MP5.

The full patch notes can be read here. The patch is on the Test Servers, which are live now.