Y6S2.2 balancing changes to hit R6 Test Server

Alibi and Tachanka were buffed, Frost and Zofia were nerfed.

Image via Ubisoft

A preview of the Y6S2.2 patch will hit Rainbow Six Siege‘s Test Server “later today,” Ubisoft announced today.

The patch will bring key nerfs to powerful operators that might have an effect on every level of play. Here are the patch notes for Siege’s Y6S2.2 test server update.


Zofia will get several recoil nerfs to her primary M762. The vertical recoil will be increased and the horizontal recoil will pull to the left. Her long burst recoil will also begin on the eighth bullet as opposed to the 12th, making it more difficult to control her recoil in longer sprays.

Zofia has been a top-tier choice of entry fraggers for years. The M762’s relatively easy recoil makes it simple to put on an angled grip and the 2.0x sight and have a devastating effect on the opposition at any range. “What’s new about this approach (and something we’d love your feedback on) is that while the horizontal spread will be stronger than other guns, it will be more predictable and with much less randomness,” Ubisoft said.


Nokk has had a series of Test Server buffs that haven’t made it to live servers yet. All of the balancing changes to her HEL Presence Reduction device have been put on full hold. The Nokk buffs won’t make it through to the live servers for some time.

ACS12 and TCSG12

Both shotguns will have their damage buffed. The automatic ACS12 will move up to 69 damage and the semi-auto TCSG12’s damage will be increased to 63.


Alibi is getting the beloved 1.5x scope on her MX4 Storm. This change could mean that Alibi may become a top-tier fragger on defense. She already has a deployable shield and a secondary shotgun. Players from all ranks have praised the 1.5x scope’s accuracy, and combined with the MX4’s strong rate of fire, Alibi is going to be much tougher for ranked players to deal with.


A soul for a soul. Frost will lose the 1.5x scope on her C1. Frost has a strong win delta in ranked, according to Ubisoft, and changes to her kit are needed.


“The Lord” is getting some solid buffs. First, he’ll lose his Proximity Alarms for the Deployable Shield, which is a great buff. His DP-27 will also do more soft destruction, making it a viable alternative to an operator with a shotgun. Finally, Tachanka’s Shumika Launcher will get more ammo: 14 grenades as opposed to 10.

These updates will be on the Test Server “later today” for all PC Rainbow Six Siege players to test and give feedback on.

UPDATE 7/72021 12:07 PM CT: Favela will be coming to ranked and unranked playlists on the test server, and will be coming to live servers “later this month”.