When does the Rainbow Six Extraction Nightmare Fog event start?

The new Crisis event is here.

Image via Ubisoft

The new Rainbow Six Extraction Nightmare Fog Crisis event is here, introducing an intense mode for players to master. The deadly fog adds a Neurotoxin level that can debilitate and eventually kill players, which can be more dangerous than the Archaens.

The Nightmare Fog event starts today, May 12, so log in and enjoy it while you can. 

The Nightmare Fog Crisis event is a new limited-time event where teams must fight their way through three sub-maps submerged in deadly fog. The fog slowly increases the player’s Neurotoxin level, introducing disruptive and eventually deadly debuffs the higher it gets. The first sub-map features various objectives from the base game, including Specimen, Nest Tracking, and more. 

The second sub-map adds a new variation of the Decontamination objective. Players must destroy 12 aberrant nests. This group of nests is spread out throughout a larger area than the regular Decontamination nests, and destroying them quickly is key. Completing this objective lowers the Toxic Tree’s health by 50 percent, so try your best to remove all of the nests. Failing this objective doesn’t prevent players from continuing to the third area, but it will be significantly more challenging. 

The third sub-map features a Toxic Tree that players must destroy. Operators must shoot the Anchor Points and Arch Cells to prevent the tree from healing. But once you start destroying these objects, Archaeans will start attacking the area. After enough damage is done, the Toxic Tree’s core will be exposed, allowing players to destroy it. Completing this final objective removes the fog from the map and completes the Crisis event. 

The Nightmare Fog Crisis event will only be available from May 12 to June 2. Make sure to get your team together to beat the event before it is gone to unlock exclusive cosmetic items and experience the challenging and fun mode.