When does Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector Glare release?

The new season is on the horizon.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege players have a lot to look forward to in Year Seven season two, Operation Vector Glare. Sens, a new Belgian operator with a powerful R.O.U Projector System gadget that provides a wall of light to protect teammates, is joining the fight, and casual players can enjoy the new Team Deathmatch map Close Quarter. Other exciting changes include new onboarding tools for new players, Phase One of the Reputation system, and the new Wolfguard Squad. While this is all exciting news, it’s important to know when Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector Glare will be released. 

Siege players can expect Operation Vector Glare on June 7. Changes included in the new season will be added to the test server on May 24, but fans can look forward to seeing the new content hit the live servers on June 7. 

Sens is the newest attacker who can use their R.O.U. gadget to create a light wall to protect their teammates. Enemies can shoot through the wall, but it will be tough to line up shots without a clear sightline. Some operators can see through the wall of light, so always account for the operators on the other team. 

New or returning players can enjoy the Shooting Range and Operator Guides for extra help when diving into Siege. Veteran players can also use these features to learn more about each operator’s abilities or to perfect their aim with weapons. 

Players can also attract their friends back to Siege with the new Squad Up Reactivation Program, which rewards returning players. This is the perfect incentive for players on the fence about diving back into Siege