What time does Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise start?

Fans finally have an official release date.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s newest season Operation Ember Rise has been praised as a return to form for the game and its release is just a day away.

Operation Ember Rise will go live Sept. 11 at 10am CT on PC, 9am CT on Xbox, and 8am CT on PS4. Ubisoft confirmed the release date and time in a tweet earlier today.

What’s strange about this season is that the usual combination of indicators that accompany a three-week run on the TS have been a bit jumbled or non-existent.

Fans are used to getting teasers, free weekends, and operator videos that all signal an imminent season release. With Operation Ember Rise, fans got a free week from Aug. 28 to Sept. 3 that was promoted heavily with Operation Ember Rise artwork, leading fans to assume that, although Ember Rise wouldn’t be available during the free week, it would launch directly after that. The game was even discounted up to 70 percent until Sept. 9, which is normally a move to get more players into the game in time for the release of a new season. 

The only teaser fans were given was a brief video featuring Mira working on the new operators’ gadgets. The teaser could never be considered an operator introduction video. Fans were given some great operator introduction videos in Operation Phantom Sight, so it’s odd that there haven’t been any operator videos released yet, especially considering that the free weekend and discount days are over. 

Operation Ember Rise has Rainbow Six Siege looking much healthier than Operation Phantom Sight, so it’s encouraging to see the season launch relatively on time. Clash isn’t shooting anyone through her shield, IQ isn’t invisible, and the new operators are some of the most balanced ones to hit the TS in some time.

Operation Ember Rise was rumored to release on Sept. 10 but Ubisoft has confirmed an official release of Sept. 11 at 10am CT on PC, 9am CT on Xbox and an 8am CT release for PS4.