What does Rook’s armor do in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rook's armor is helpful in any situation.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege features a diverse cast of operators with different abilities and tools to help their team. Some are tedious and tough to master, while others provide excellent support and are easy to use. Rook, one of the original operators in Siege, is a perfect example of the latter. 

Rook’s armor plates provide an excellent boost to teammates that can make a difference in gunfights. But a lot of players aren’t familiar with what the plates actually do.

Rook can place a bag full of armor plates each round that he and his teammates can pick up. Players can only pick up one armor plate at a time and can grab a plate at any point during a round. 

The plates provide a 20-percent armor boost to the user without penalty, which is an incredible boost for a team. The plates also guarantee players will enter the down-but-not-out stage when damaged instead of instantly dying. But a headshot will still instantly kill a player even if they are wearing Rook’s armor. 

If a player is picked up by a teammate, they will lose the armor plate. But they can pick up another plate if there are plates available. Rook’s Armor Pack can be destroyed by enemies, so avoid waiting long to pick it up. Also, avoid shooting it, since friendly fire can also destroy the pack. 

Rook is an excellent choice for new players because he is available by default and his ability is easy to use. Just ping the armor pack to let your teammates know it is available, and they will have a slight advantage for the rest of the round.